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Thirst for Life is going into its second year! Last year was a HUGE success, with many people writing in to say how much going alcohol free really made a difference to them. We are hoping for an even bigger response this year, with more people taking notice of the UK’s binge drinking epidemic. Click here to sign up and receive the email updates!. Feel free to explore the site, it’s currently being updated so make sure you keep checking back for new updates.

The Overview

…a positive campaign encouraging people to go 40 days alcohol free during lent to promote thought and discussion on the use of alcohol…

The Situation

Everything we do is now associated with drinking. The big night out, the office party, a trip to the theatre or a night in with a DVD. Government statistics highlight the impact boozing is having on our society.

We all want to live full lives but have we as a society become too dependent on the glass of wine or pint in the local? It’s time for some sober thought on how we use alcohol.

So we are challenging the UK to go alcohol free for 40DAYS starting February 21st.


  • …thousands of people going alcohol free for 40 days.
  • …spare beds in casualty departments.
  • …police with time to solve crime.
  • …city centres that are safe in the evening.

Get on board as we tackle this issue of Booze Britain together!