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One unit of alcohol is: half pint average strength beer/lager OR one glass of wine OR one single measure of spirits. (Note: A can of high strength beer or lager may contain 3-4 units. In Northern Ireland a pi measure of spirits is one and a half units.)

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This test cannot tell you anything for certain. Scoring 8 or less is no guarantee that you will never have a problem because of drinking. For example, drinking any alcohol and driving puts you and others at risk. However, if you score over 8 then alcohol experts agree that you are likely to have what they call ‘alcohol use disorder’. Obviously, the higher the score the more serious the problem is likely to be ­ and you may not realise that you are at risk because that’s the way alcohol works on people. ‘Alcohol use disorder’ covers all the problems associated with drinking.

If you have a score of over 8 then thirst for life strongly recommends that you talk to someone about it, preferably someone who can offer advice and help ­ like a GP or local alcohol help centre. You can also find where to get information from the help section of this website.

This test cannot diagnose any condition or tell you for certain if alcohol use is harming your health; rather, it is a screening test to indicate the likeihood of problematic drinking. If in doubt, please consult a doctor or help centre.

This self audit is based on the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), developed by the World Health Organization to screen for harmful or hazardous drinking behaviours. (WHO and J. Saunders; O. Aasland; T. Babor; J. de la Fuente; M. Grant. 1992.)