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Alternatives to Alcohol

What alternative activities could you undertake instead of drinking alcohol? Check out some of the thirst for life team’s suggestions below!

Have you and your mates got any other legal suggestions? Email them with a photo if available and we will put them up for the nation to see! Please send your photo’s and suggestions via our contact form.

Alternative Activities

  1. Office chair racing ­ grab a couple of chairs with wheels (or your couch and your skateboard wheels?) and take them down the park for what could become the new Olympic sport.
  2. Spend some time working on that all time classic of a practical joke.
  3. Learn to break dance – splash out a tenner on a piece of lino, grab some polish and your Run DMC CD. Check out some moves on the web and nail the windmill.
  4. Movie night with some home made popcorn and all your mates round ­ Or you could try an all day session with Lord of the Rings , 2 and 3 or perhaps for the ladies a sponsored Johny Depp-a-thon?
  5. Gamesfest ­ get out the Twister, the Risk or the old school legend Monopoly.
  6. Fondue party ­ melt up your fave chocolate and dip in your own best ingredients, from banana to marsh mallow to fish fingers.
  7. Can’t cook, won’t cook ­ challenge each other with an obscure concoction of ingredients to chef up something beautiful.
  8. How far can you get for £5 game? By public transport, bike or foot and a fiver, see how far you can get from a certain point by 5pm. (Try and find someone with a car to collect you though afterwards!)
  9. Cheese Rolling – Climb a mountain/ hill of some sort and then roll a round of cheese off the top and try and beat it to the bottom.
  10. Rotational meals ­ have a six course meal at six different houses in one evening.
  11. Try and beat a world record.
  12. Become an origami legend. Go on-line (or go to Japan) and learn how to become a paper wizard!
  13. Put something back into your community ­ litter pick, clear away graffiti or if you have mastered idea 3, you could break dance for an Old People’s home.
  14. Have a bingo night and have fun saying things like legs and two fat ladies 8
  15. Club together with your mates and hire a bouncy castle.
  16. Alcohol-free cocktails Why not set up your own alcohol free bar and mix up a storm.
  17. Learn to fly a kite. There are some amazingly beautiful ones- angel fish, parots etc. Find a windy place and laugh!!!!
  18. Ask an elderly neighbour how to knit and make a scarf for someone you love, or who has helped you, or even the lady who taught you in the first place!
  19. – 7 & 8 Submitted by Lydia Varley.
  20. I suggest playing or making up a tune on the mouth organ.- Submitted by Rekha Sharma.
  21. Learn to skate board. Preferably wear lots of padding and finding a friend to learn with makes it much more fun because you can laugh at each others mistakes and also learn from them. – Submitted by Anna Todd

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