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What does Alcohol do to the Body?


Short term: Depresses parts of the brain which causes mixed messages to be sent to the rest of the body(slurred speech, loss of balance etc.)

Long term: About 75% of alcoholics sustain some kind of brain damage due to alcohol.


Short term: Judgement impaired. Double vision.


Long term: Can cause cancers of the oral cavity and pharynx, oesophagus and larynx


Long term: Weakens it and impairs blood clotting. One drink every second day for a middle aged adult may reduce the risk of a heart attack; but above two drinks a day the risk of death from heart disease goes up.


Shorter term: nutritional and digestive troubles. Longer term: Ulcers. Cancer of colon and rectum.


Short/Long term: causes infection.


Short/Long term: Makes the skin tingle or become numb. Blood vessels near the surface of the skin widen, leading to heat loss ( and classic drinkers red nose).

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